David Lance New York

Custom handmade, and bespoke suits tailor in NYC

David Lance New York is the premier location for custom handmade, and bespoke suits. Situated just off Madison Ave, our opulent showroom, encapsulates the very essence of what we stand for; quality.

For the past 28 years David and our team have provided a level of service that has kept our family of clients coming back time after time.

“For executives and professionals who have made it to the top of their game, dressing well is not a requirement, but it is however, one of it’s great rewards.” – David Lance.

“When a suit is truly beautiful, you don’t really take notice of the suit per se. What you see is just an incredibly well-dressed man.” – David Lance.

1985 California. A young David Schwartz began his journey as a style icon dressing those who crave the finest in men’s couture. To win his first clients, David knocks on doors in office buildings, collecting business cards from potential customers.

Before long, David finds himself running a fast-growing business in Orange County, California so fast that, a mere six years later, the David Lance New York showroom open its doors on 76th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, starting a legacy that immediately becomes the destination for luxurious menswear on the East Coast.

2013 New York. David Lance New York move into their new prime location on 71st Street at Madison Avenue.

2018 For 33 years now, David and his team have warmly welcomed and satisfied their family of clients by providing them with custom wardrobes and the services necessary to maintain them, all while reflecting, projecting and complementing their unique and multi-faceted lives.

For executives and professionals who have made it to the top of their game, dressing well is not a requirement; it is, however, one of its great rewards. “Our clients can easily buy their clothing anywhere in the world they choose, but in the end, they choose David Lance New York. ” –David Lance.


Q What is the Experience at David Lance New York?

We understand that your schedule can be intense. With so much going on, the last thing you need to worry about is what to wear and how you will look. At David Lance New York, we remove that stress by attending to each and every detail, from the most casual event to the ultimate formal engagement. Once you enter the world of David Lance New York, you will be welcomed into a warm and home-like enclave of comfort and exclusivity. David takes pride in personally acquainting himself with every client who passes through the doors of the newly designed Madison Avenue showroom.

The experience at David Lance New York is not only about creating a beautiful wardrobe, it’s also about creating the repertoire necessary for satisfying all of your style needs. This highly applauded concierge level of service–which may include cleaning, wardrobe storage or even pre-travel packing–is just one of the things we are known for, but a big reason why a client stays satisfied for life.