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Greenhouse Agency is a Domestic Staffing Agency that excels as a premier employment agency, offering comprehensive services to both domestic employers and job seekers. Founded by Martin Greenhouse and continued by Glenn Scott Greenhouse, Greeenhouse Agency leverages over 54 years of combined experience to match qualified candidates with household employers.

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Greenhouse Agency serves the New York Tri-State Area and across the United States, upholding a commitment to smooth employer-employee relationships. Their commitment to high standards and personalized service has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

Greenhouse Agency’s unique approach includes meticulous applicant interviews, thorough reference checks, and a bespoke consultation process, ensuring a seamless match between households and staff. With a commitment to fostering enduring employer-employee relationships, Greenhouse offer ongoing support post-placement, addressing any arising needs or concerns with unmatched follow-up care.

Greenhouse Agency Services for Employers

Greenhouse Agency provides tailored staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of domestic employers. Specializing in providing a wide range of staffing services including nannies, housekeepers, chauffeurs, and more. Here’s how they help:

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1. Nanny Candidates

Greenhouse Agency offers experienced nannies to provide excellent childcare. These nannies undergo rigorous vetting to ensure they are trustworthy and capable. Parents can confidently rely on these professionals for attentive and nurturing care, which provides peace of mind and allows them to focus on their careers or other responsibilities.

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2. Housekeeping Candidates

The agency’s housekeeping services ensure that homes remain clean and organized. Their housekeepers are skilled in routine maintenance and deep cleaning tasks. By keeping homes spotless and hygienic, these services enhance the living environment, allowing clients more free time and a welcoming home.

3. Chauffeur Candidates

For those needing reliable transportation, Greenhouse Agency offers professional chauffeur services. These chauffeurs are skilled, discreet, and professional, ensuring clients reach their destinations safely and on time. This service is perfect for daily commutes, special occasions, or airport transfers, adding luxury and efficiency to travel.

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4. House Manager Candidates

House managers from Greenhouse Agency oversee household operations. They manage staff, organize events, and handle maintenance issues, ensuring everything runs smoothly. This service is ideal for busy individuals who require efficient and effective household management, providing a stress-free living experience.

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5. Housekeeper/Cook Candidates

The agency combines housekeeping and cooking with their housekeeper/cook services. These professionals handle cleaning tasks and prepare nutritious meals, ensuring a well-maintained home and healthy dining options. Clients benefit from having one trusted individual managing both tasks, simplifying household management and improving quality of life.

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6. Housekeeper/Nanny Candidates

Greenhouse Agency offers housekeeper/nanny services for families needing both childcare and housekeeping. These versatile professionals balance maintaining a clean home with caring for children. This dual role provides a convenient and cost-effective solution, ensuring an orderly home and well-cared-for children.

7. Companion and Elder Care Candidates

Their companion and elder care services provide compassionate assistance for those advance in age. Caregivers offer companionship and help with daily activities, enhancing the quality of life for older clients. Families gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are well-cared for and safe, receiving emotional support and assistance with tasks like medication management and mobility.

8. Personal Assistant Candidates

Personal assistants from Greenhouse Agecny help manage clients’ personal and professional lives. They handle tasks from scheduling appointments to organizing travel and managing correspondence. This service boosts productivity and reduces stress, allowing clients to focus on more important matters. Personal assistants ensure a well-organized and efficient lifestyle.

Greenhouse Agency Services for Job Seekers

Greenhouse Agency also excels in helping job seekers find fulfilling employment in domestic roles. Here’s how they support candidates:

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1. Greenhouse Agency Job Placement Assistance

Greenhouse Agency offers job placement assistance for candidates seeking domestic employment. They match job seekers with suitable positions based on their skills and experience, ensuring a good fit for both the candidate and the employer. This service helps candidates find stable and rewarding employment opportunities.

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2. Resume Building and Interview Preparation from Greenhouse Agency

The agency provides support with resume building and interview preparation. They help candidates create impressive resumes and prepare for interviews, increasing their chances of securing desired positions. This guidance boosts candidates’ confidence and readiness, making them more competitive in the job market.

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3. Continuous Support and Training from Greenhouse Agency

Greenhouse Agency offers continuous support and training for their placed candidates. They provide ongoing guidance and resources to help candidates succeed in their roles. This commitment to professional development ensures that employees remain satisfied and perform well, contributing positively to their employers’ households.

Summary of Greenhouse Agency Services

Greenhouse Agency stands out as a top domestic staffing agency, offering comprehensive services for both domestic employers and job seekers.

This domestic staffing dedication to quality, personalized service, and professional development makes them a trusted partner in the domestic staffing industry.

Whether clients need childcare, housekeeping, elder care, or personal assistance, Greenhouse Staffing provides tailored solutions that enhance convenience, comfort, and peace of mind.

Greeenhouse Agency support for job seekers ensures they find rewarding and stable employment, benefiting both candidates and employers alike.

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Q Do you follow up on Employers and Employees?

Greenhouse Agency. has implemented an unparalleled follow-up procedure. Our entire staff is trained to ensure a smooth and comfortable employer-employee relationship. After a placement is made, we make periodic contact with our clients. We are available to help with any problems or concerns. Some of these can be the issue of a salary raise or vacation, or maybe a minor deficiency in the performance of the employee.

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Denice is the best

I got a housekeeping job many many years ago from this agency. Denice was fantastic. She was very caring and help me get a good job. Its been many years, but I still appreciate what they did for me. Thank you Greenhouse Agency.

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1 Reviews
Excelllent Domestic Staffing Agency

I had the privilege of working with Greenhouse as a vendor. Though I was not a candidate looking for job or an employer looking to hire, I was impress by the commitment of all the staff at this agency. They do their due diligence to ensure both candidates and employers are happy.

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