Le Bernardin

Top rated restaurant in New York City

Le Bernardin has a 4-star Google review. It  was opened in New York in 1986. This elite French restaurant offers chef Eric Ripert’s refined seafood, expert service & luxurious decor. Le Benardin holds several records in New York: it received its four-star review from The New York Times only three months after opening and is the only New York four-star restaurant that has maintained its status of excellence for more than 3 decades. In September 2014, Eric Ripert and Maguy Le Coze extended the elegance of Le Bernardin’s private dining room with the opening of Le Bernardin Privé, a modern and dynamic event space, and Le Bernardin wine director Aldo Sohm opened Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, where guests can enjoy a menu of simple and shareable dishes meant to complement and elevate an extensive and ever-changing wine list.