Potoru Sponsor Program

Get more exposure. Get more leads. It’s as simple as that. If you are looking to significantly increase your business’ online visibility, our Sponsor Program will help you achieve that. Best of all, you will enjoy direct assistance from a dedicated support team.

Benefits for Sponsors

Featured Listing

Sponsors’ listings are added to a premium featured listing category. This enables your business listing page to appear on many prominent spots on the website. This will give you more exposure.

High Quality Copy

We will produce a unique high-quality content for your business listing page. This content will focus on telling the unique story of your business and why customers should try your products or services.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated support team on standby to respond to the needs and queries of our sponsors via phone calls, emails and Zoom video conferencing.

Dedicated Article Post

We will produce and post a blog article with a minimum of 700 words dedicated to your business, products and services. The article will be optimized using SEO best practices to increase its chance of ranking better on search engines search results.

Multiple Backlinks

We will send our sponsor multiple backlinks from potoru.com and from other external websites. We can outreach for a set number of desired backlinks or utilize an ongoing link building program.

Sponsor Directory

Inclusion in our list of sponsors allow for potential customers to easily find your business, view your business listing, or send you a message with just a few clicks.

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