Mohan’s Custom Tailors

We offer the finest brands in our showroom

Our mission at Mohan’s Custom Tailors is to provide quality clothing, such as bespoke suits, at the reasonable rates. In fact, you can expect to receive superior services while spending approximately 40-50% less than you would pay elsewhere. We even have seasonal promotions updated every month of the year, offer amazing discounts to loyal customers, and provide comprehensive suit packages.

“Every piece I look at myself. Every shirt, every suit.”

In 1972, Mike moved to the U.S. and opened the business—and celebrities soon followed.

When son Victor was born, a nurse noticed Mike’s impeccable suits and recommended him to her best friend—the mother of then-NBA draftee Patrick Ewing. He was soon outfitting clients like Walt Frazier, Kofi Annan and Ed Koch.

Our approach will always be the same–we love interacting with you and creating suits that make you genuinely happy.

Nearly 40 years later, we continue to evolve with innovative fabrics, expanded services and more.