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Best Places to Get Custom Suits In NYC

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Best Places to get custom suits in NYC from Premiere Custom Tailors

Looking for the best places to get custom suits in NYC? Listed on this page are premiere custom tailors offering well fitted and perfectly tailored custom made suits in New York City. So, get the finest and best custom suits NYC has to offer from these bespoke tailors.

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As you may have already come to know, there are many custom suit tailors in New York City. However, finding a good custom suit tailor to get the best custom suits NYC has to offer can be a daunting process.

The custom suit process, which includes having to choose the right tailor and selecting fabric, is not an easy one. Also, getting measured for a perfectly fitted suit doesn’t always go as expected. In addition, you have to think about affording the high cost for quality bespoke suits. Let’s face it, New York City is a very expensive city. So are the best custom suits NYC has to offer.

get custom suits in nyc
Image courtesy of Alan David Custom

Finding the best places to get custom suits in NYC is not easy.

However, when you find the right custom suit tailor, all the effort and costs are worth it. You will look well-dressed in your newly custom-made suit. Therefore, take the time to search for the best custom suit tailors in New York City.

Oh, did we say take the time to search? No, you do not have to search anymore. Why, because we have been searching for you. That is why, on this website, we list the top-rated custom suit tailors in NYC. These tailors provide the best custom suits New York can offer you.

We only list handpicked custom suit tailors. So, you can be sure to have only the best ones on this list. Now, check out the list below.

The Best Places to get custom suits in NYC

1. Alan David Custom Suits

Get Custom suits at Alan David Custom Suits NYC in New York City
Photo Courtesy of Alan David Custom

Alan David Custom Suits has 90+ years of measuring and pattern-making skills. That is why they can ensure a perfect fit the very first time. Alan David Custom bespoke tailors create full custom suits. So, nothing is “made-to-measure” at Alan David Custom. Also, Alan David offers premium custom suit fabrics for your suit selections. That is why, Alan David Custom, is the place for some of the best custom suits NYC has to offer.

Learn more about Alan David Custom Suits.

2. Bhambi’s Custom Tailors

Get Custom suits at Bhambis custom tailors on potoru business directory
Photo Courtesy of Bhambi’s Custom Tailors

At Bhambi’s Custom Tailors, every masterpiece is meticulously crafted to reflect each customer’s unique individuality, from fabric choice to design, style, and fit. Their in-house master tailors carry over 30 years of bespoke tailoring. Also, their relentless commitment and unrivaled expertise guide each customer to a suit of their dreams. Therefore, you can count on Bhambi’s custom tailors to get the best custom suit you are looking for.

Learn more about Bhambi’s Custom Tailors.

3. LS Mens Clothing and Custom Suits

LS Men Custom Clothing on Potoru Business Directory
Photo Courtesy of LS Men’s Clothing

LS Mens Clothing was voted by CBS as one of the 5 best tailors in New York. LS Mens Clothing is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan. Since 1954, LS Men’s Clothing has sold thousands of customized suits. That is why LS Men suits are custom tailored and styled to the body, taste, and personality of each customer. Hence, you get a real custom suit.

Learn more about LS Men’s Clothing and Custom Suits.

4. Mohan’s Custom Tailors

Mohan custom tailors on potoru business directory
Photo Courtesy of Mohan’s Custom Tailors

Mohan’s Custom Tailors provide quality clothing, such as bespoke suits, at reasonable rates. In fact, you can expect to receive superior services while spending approximately 40-50% less than you would pay elsewhere. Also, Mohan’s Custom Tailors has seasonal promotions updated every month of the year offering amazing discounts to loyal customers, and providing comprehensive suit packages. So, head over to Mohan’s Custom Tailors to see what promotion they currently have.

Learn more about Mohan’s Custom Tailors.

5. David Lance New York

David Lance New York
Photo courtesy of David Lance New York

At David Lance New York they pride themselves on an unprecedented concierge level of service. There, you will discover a world of individualized care—cleaning, wardrobe storage or even pre-travel packing. They will guide you through every step in the creation of your bespoke experience, from luxury fabric options to impeccable design details. That is why, there is no limit to their creativity, or to your wardrobe options. The choices are endless.

At David Lance New York every element of what they do is individualized for you. Hence, each garment is tailored in order to exceed all exceptions, and crafted to be unique. Their bespoke suits are not made-to-measure, they are custom created from beginning to end, designed to complement your lifestyle. Their showroom, located on New York City’s Upper East Side, in the heart of the couture fashion area, is designed to reflect David’s artistic passion. Which is warm and welcoming. You will feel at home surrounded by opulent fabric choices and beautifully handmade accessories. All nestled in a classic 1940s NYC charm.

Learn more about David Lance New York.

6. Michael Andrews Bespoke Tailor

Get Custom suits at Michael Andrews Bespoke on Potoru Business Directory
Photo Courtesy of Michael Andrews Bespoke

Michael Andrews Bespoke started with the goal of helping professionals look their very best in suits. For this reason, they offer full bespoke suits and made-to-measure suits. They have locations in New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Abu Dhabi. That is why, Michael Andrews Bespoke is one of the best custom tailors in NYC.

Learn more about Michael Andrews Bespoke Tailor.

7. Beyond Bespoke Tailor

Beyond Bespoke
Photo courtesy of Beyond Bespoke

Beyond Bespoke Tailors was founded in 2006, by Nick Torres, a third-generation tailor. In fact, Nick Torres grew up with a tape measure draped around his neck. His father drew him to his side as a young child so that he could have an unimpeded view of what he did and what his father before him had done for a living. However, what remains with him, foremost, from those earliest and foreign moments was his father’s demeanor. He was gracious, patient, and focused. So, with his father’s example always in the back of his mind, Nick personally tends to an increasingly loyal clientele. Hence, Nick has tailored a number of celebrities over the course of his still-young custom tailor career.

Today, Nick employs a staff of 13 master tailors, all with well over 25 years of experience. Hence, together, they dress refined men & women according to time-honored standards in an ever-accelerating culture, whether it be in their Midtown studio or their clients’ offices or homes. A bespoke suit is designed with only its owner in mind. The process of creating it, however long-established, should be every bit as accommodating. They have a quick turnaround time; they give meticulous attention to detail, and they provide exemplary client service.

Learn more about Beyond Bespoke Tailors.

So, there you have it! These are the 7 best places to get custom suits in NYC. We hope this will help you in your search for the best bespoke tailors in NYC. However, if you want to see more NYC custom suit tailors, you can check our full list of bespoke clothing tailors in New York.

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